Kaley and Colin | Mckinney, Texas, Engagement Photographer

Kaley and Colin are a fun couple to be around! Not only do they bring a lot of joy to each other, but a lot of laughter to those of us who are lucky enough to spend some time with them. Not to mention, they also won our valentine’s giveaway for a wedding package in February! Colin is a major “Halo” fan, while Kaley lovessss mashed potatoes. Check out a few pics from their engagement session and then if you have a minute, watch their video and read the story of how they met in their own words!

My Real Life Fairytale
By: Kaley

Once upon a time, in a land far far away there was a prince on a quest to find his one true blah blah blah! Fairy tales are nice but this is the REAL LIFE story of how I met my future husband, and believe me it’s far from a Disney movie! Don’t get me wrong it can get pretty mushy gushy at times, but in real life there’s problems and struggles that in my opinion make the true love stories even better than the ones you have heard about since childhood.

When I was nineteen I was a very happy normal teenager who had no idea where her life would take her. I had dated around but was not too concerned with my future or anyone who would be involved in it for that matter! Unless of course it were Ryan Gosling! My mom had married at 17 and both of my brothers at 19, so it was expected that I follow in the same path and so far I was falling behind! And even though at every family gathering I got the old, “So who are you dating? Your next ya know!” I was not concerned what so ever with that aspect of my life! So when my roommate decided to set me up with her boyfriend’s roommate, I didn’t have too high of expectations.

But since I had no plans that night, I accepted her invitation and decided I would grin and bear a blind date, at least it was a double! I won’t tell you it was love at first sight because it definitely wasn’t. In fact, I wasn’t too fond of him at first, but the more I was around him the more I just couldn’t stop thinking about him! It was so strange! This man that I at first thought of as a little obnoxious and a lot loud was suddenly the center of everything to me. I had never met someone who had that effect on me. And now two years later I couldn’t imagine spending my life with anyone else. He pushes me to reach my goals and he is someone I aspire to be like. Although we have had our ups and downs our relationship just continues to get better and better. So I guess it sounds cliché, but I definitely found my prince charming.

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