When and Why: A look at Renae Rashael Photography

Drumroll please!!! We are launching a new branch of Pictures of Blank Photography! Renáe Rashael Photography will allow us to concentrate on our passion, which is candid portraiture, while Pictures of Blank (P.O.B.) will be our portal for our more random and funky pictures we take just for fun.

P.O.B. has been doing business for over ten years and initially began our portrait section in 2006. We previously specialized in landscaping photography, which then branched into architecture. We are a group of four best friends who are lucky enough to be in business together.

Our main artist, Monique, has had a camera in her hand since she was five and photography has become a life passion for each of us over the years. We love to capture people in their most candid moments. We strive to make every photo shoot fun for ourselves and the clients. When you’re having fun it is easier to relax, creating an experience rather than just a “typical” photo shoot.

You can find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/renaerashael

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